I grew up in the woods of a small town outside of Boston. Creek walking, riding horses and climbing trees were some of my favorite things to do. I’m a huge advocate for exploring the outdoors. Los Angeles is within an hour of the beach, desert, mountains, lakes and even snow. That makes me very happy.

I'm inspired by things you can't put into words, but touch something deep inside you. Sunlit leaves on a forest floor, the smell of a fireplace, wind in your hair, traveling in places you've never been before but feel like home. Raw moments of life. 

I'm very quick to laugh and smile. I'm in love with all things mysterious and beautiful, and I always want to connect with other people as deeply as I can. I feel things profoundly, and love completely. There is a lesson and a gift in all experiences, which I am open to.



Love is a big reason I became a wedding and boudoir photographer. I married the person I'd been searching for my whole life. My husband is the only person that made my heart skip a beat when I first saw him. Well, him and our adorable two year old son! I wouldn't be who I am today without them in my life. It's because of them I know true love and magic exist.

Ideally, our time together is a collaboration where you are willing to be open with me, to share your most intimate and honest self. Therefore it's incredibly important to me that you feel comfortable and connected. I visually document with a loving eye. You will be captured with sincerity and appreciation, like an old friend rather than a stranger forcing moments. This is about creating meaningful images that you really feel, and that tell your unique story. 

Thank you so much for finding your way here, and considering inviting me to be your photographer! I would love to hear more about you. Let's go on an adventure.