I'm inspired by things you can't put into words, but touch something deep inside you. Sunlit leaves on a forest floor, the smell of a fireplace, wind in your hair, watching people hug each other after a long time apart, traveling to places you've never been before but feel like they are a part of you. Raw moments of life. 

I grew up in the woods of a small town outside of Boston. Creek walking, riding horses and climbing trees were some of my favorite things to do. I LOVE exploring the outdoors, which makes living in Los Angeles pretty amazing. You can experience the ocean, desert, mountains, lakes and even snow within an hour. Being in nature is when I feel the most alive.

I'm very quick to laugh and smile. I'm in love with all things mysterious and beautiful, and I always want to connect with other people as deeply as I can. I feel things profoundly, and love completely. There is a lesson and a gift in all experiences, which I am open to.



Love is profound. It’s one of the most powerful emotions we can feel. It connects to every other emotion that exists, and I have felt all of them throughout my life while in love. It’s depth has no limit, and it holds more meaning than we can imagine. Finding someone that feels like home, that sees your true self and wants to grow with that person, is a connection to be treasured, and one I understand with my entire being. I married the person I'd been searching for my whole life. He’s the only one that made my heart skip a beat when I first saw him. It was an awakening, and a recognition that felt like, “there you are!” Eight magical years and counting, we now live in Culver City with our two year old son, Eamon.

Knowing what true love feels like inspires me to create beautiful images that you really feel, that carry great meaning, and tells your unique story. Ideally, our time together is a collaboration where you are willing to be open with me, to share your most intimate and honest connection with your person. Your love deserves to be captured with sincerity, appreciation, and with a loving eye.


I was a boudoir photographer long before anything else. It started with taking self-portraits. I loved it because I was in control of my own sensual power, and capturing my most intimate moments. Seeing my raw self in images helped me through a lot of painful times in my life, led me toward good ones, and built my strength, bravery and confidence. It became a celebration of my own being. Our time together is about YOU. It’s about experiencing both your inner and outer beauty, and recognizing the power of self love. Most of all, we create artistic images that reflect the light in your heart, because being sexy is not just about how you look, its how you feel. I consider this an honor to capture. 

Thank you so much for finding your way here, and considering inviting me to be your photographer! I would love to hear more about you. Let's go on an adventure.