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Vasquez Rocks Wedding Editorial : Sara and Rene

...I can forget my very existence in a deep kiss of you.

Vasquez Rocks are 25 million years old, caused by the collision of the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. They are ancient, the bones of the earth, and yet still younger than the dinosaurs. Early human ancestors are a mere 6 million years old. Exploring these rocks while capturing the real love between Sara and Rene was surreal and powerful. We have come to evolve into such complex creatures, capable of feeling and expressing a plethora of emotion. Love has to be one of the most compelling. It is an essence that cannot be clearly defined, yet encompasses all. It is different for each person and with each relationship. When I look through the lens I am humbled by the earth and how far we have come as a species, and every time I'm with a couple I'm honored to be able to experience their own personal love, crafted through the history of time.    

I had the pleasure of working with these wonderful vendors, and this amazing couple, who came together for this collaboration: 

Gown: Simply Bridal

Tuxedo: Friar Tux

Florals: The Crown Collective

Makeup and Hair: Sierra Caldera

Jewelry: Ben-Amun earrings from Rent The Runway