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Pan Pacific Park Los Angeles : Tallulah and Jagger

The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives - Robert Brault

My first memory is when I was 4 years old sitting on my parents' bed, and my mother had just handed me my newborn brother to hold. I remember how warm he felt, how fragile I knew he was, and how much I knew I loved him. His new life in this world was the birth of my own awareness. 

Watching Tallulah and Jagger interact reminded me of this memory. I could see how strong their bond is, how Tallulah watched over him while also making him laugh, and how much Jagger looks up to her.

Children are our future, they will soon be making decisions that affect this planet. It's important to nurture and provide them with the best opportunities we can give. Everything we do today will affect their, and our, tomorrow. So let's make today a great one!